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FLF 4 2018 by kiwi-damnation FLF 4 2018 :iconkiwi-damnation:kiwi-damnation 0 0 FLF 3 2018 by kiwi-damnation FLF 3 2018 :iconkiwi-damnation:kiwi-damnation 0 0 FLF 2 2018 by kiwi-damnation FLF 2 2018 :iconkiwi-damnation:kiwi-damnation 1 0
After Seizures
Trying to write after seizures is like
                           d  o  g         
             b  i  s  c  u  i  t  s
as torrential rains
p  o&
:iconkiwi-damnation:kiwi-damnation 3 7
Mature content
A Mind Besieged :iconkiwi-damnation:kiwi-damnation 7 4
FLF 1 2018 by kiwi-damnation FLF 1 2018 :iconkiwi-damnation:kiwi-damnation 2 2
Just Own Yourself (JOY)
A tiny cluster of matter, exploding into awareness as a small flame out into the ever-reaching nothingness. It begins slowly, as a burgeoning star in a nebula, rhythmically dancing energy across its surface like blue flames
cleansing, coursing across the room as molten electricity enraptures neurons with their flamenco. Blues, golds, reds and blacks light the sky
Fireworks of synesthesia
spreading iridescent ochres throughout the darker listless space. Warmth chases coolness as vibrations stir from the core of the being, radiating bursts of sound and colours, resonating JOY.
Like a seed, one can only grow when given light, water and space to grow. if neglected, shunted into the dimmest corner of the harshest rock, few will survive. If damaged, broken and crushed, fewer still.
But if a seed can find, even in a brief moment, light enough to survive, and space enough to grow, then that seed will produce a plant far different to the ones kindly tended. This plant will be hardy and weak, wi
:iconkiwi-damnation:kiwi-damnation 3 0
Psychogenic Seizures
The stone sinks deeper
Its smooth surface glinting in the light as it
Sucked into an abyss of cerulean and indigo
Where not two moments before
It lay in my hand.
The clothes strangled limbs
Smothering skin, gripping muscles
Making them both stifled and chafed
Each thread of fabric rubbing and cutting
Slicing and shearing
Rashes rush to meet the cloth
Dancing along forearms and underarms
Around shins and behind knees
A contagion that remains nonplussed by discomfort
And mocks the bearer intensely.
The world is spinning but all is numb
Its dizzying array of lights and colours matches the blurry nothingness
Where all dreams come to die and all hopes to wither
There is nothing in this place but confusion and desolation
Irritation and desperation
For as every thought falls, like a stone, into the water,
Never again being able to be accessed,
Every feeling chokes and cleaves the skin from my being
Rubbing the soul raw, and leaving the mind blank.
I need to communicate but n
:iconkiwi-damnation:kiwi-damnation 4 14
We Are The Helpers
We are the helpers,
The carers of the maimed,
Our journeys balance out the bad,
You may not know our names.
The mother welcomed all the kids,
Two lived up the street,
She held them as they often hid,
From those who greet and beat,
Their trembling figures gripped in fear,
But fam’ly never found them here,
As trembling,
As trembling,
She never let the danger near.
We are the helpers,
The carers of the maimed,
Our journeys balance out the bad,
You may not know our names.
The teacher watched his raucous class,
Dismember one with words,
And took the savage ones to task,
On all that he had heard,
Yet as they left, he told the boy,
That "scum will always try destroy",
Yet as they left,
Yet as they left,
"Don’t let them rob you of your joy".
 We are the helpers,
The carers of the maimed,
Our journe
:iconkiwi-damnation:kiwi-damnation 5 6
Mature content
Secret Santa :iconkiwi-damnation:kiwi-damnation 2 3
DFC 2017: 2. Fact-based Fear
The guru says we should not fear,
For fear shall still the form,
And in its place, naught will appear,
But panic’s torrid storm.
‘You must release the harried thoughts’
‘You mustn’t now delay’
‘For in your mind, you will be caught,
And left as humble prey’
But how does one release the fear?
The terror in the soul,
How can one hope to safely steer,
Past dangers t’wards a goal?
When obstacles amass and plague,
The spirit and the mind,
The guru’s words sound very vague,
And peace one cannot find.
‘You must release the harried thoughts’
‘You mustn’t now delay’
‘For in your mind, you will be caught,
And left as humble prey’
When illness shreds one from within,
Claiming damaged cells,
One feels no comfort in their skin,
Their body lives in hell.
Yet guru says ‘You must believe
:iconkiwi-damnation:kiwi-damnation 4 4
DFC 2017 Form Chart by kiwi-damnation DFC 2017 Form Chart :iconkiwi-damnation:kiwi-damnation 9 5
Leave Us
Paper-like tendrils that drift through the air,
They flutter like hearts that have never been bare,
Like passengers boarding a train to nowhere,
They shake and they shiver and gather in pairs,
Care not for their fallen, their friends cast around,
Their ambers and ochres, their bloodied and brown,
Don’t think of their bodies, as one by one down:
Leaving bones of their keeper and nary a sound.
:iconkiwi-damnation:kiwi-damnation 6 8
Sometimes change is an eruption, a vast implosion that sees all semblance of life destroyed before its wake. It comes in stages, from the smallest ripple to the most destructive inferno, ripping through buildings like a being possessed. It can be a whisper, a word or a moment, that carries with it the weight of an anvil and the cleave of a scythe. It is written in anger and enacted in rage, with hope’s tendrils weaving around each action as the fire singes all that existed before. There is no more of that old life or old relationship. There is no old you. There is only now.
And what you choose to do with it.
:iconkiwi-damnation:kiwi-damnation 5 2
The Journey of a Thousand Doors
The corridor is backlit with a thousand darkened hues
With purples and with shades of grey amidst the midnight blues
And as she wanders past the doors, she wonders if it's true
That past their oaken doorframes, there are places bright and new.
As her fingers grasp each handle, the steel cooling to her touch,
All her thoughts attack like buzzards, cleaving as they clutch,
She waits for silent moments, when their noise is not so much,
When thinking gives her clarity to find her journey's crutch.
There may be peace beyond this, where the air is not so thick,
Where each step is not weighed down by a tonne or two of brick,
Perhaps a land of joy and wonder, where no one lingers sick,
It surely cannot be that this is just a heartless trick.
The corridor is what she knows, though she has walked through doors,
She's known at least one happy tale, and felt the warmth before,
The grass beyond one lovely gate allowed her soul to soar,
As sunlight greeted arctic skin and dared her to explore.
:iconkiwi-damnation:kiwi-damnation 6 8
Fear and Flower Essences
The amber liquid touches tongue
It tingles as it cools
As golden flowers blossom through
Enriching darker pools,
Suddenly her lungs could breathe,
The tension held felt slack,
It was as if she'd just known rain,
But now the sunshine's back!
Like the shifting eye of storms,
This moment could not last,
As droplets danced on tender buds,
She felt light fleeing fast,
Mere moments clutching onto hope
Was all it would afford
Now she inside her bunker’s shell,
Stared sadly as it poured.
Perhaps she would know love again,
The love that captures souls,
When she could leave her heinous cell,
And see her inner gold.
Though terror marked her every move
Its touch a frozen whack,
Perhaps one day, she could believe,
That she'd come fighting back.
:iconkiwi-damnation:kiwi-damnation 2 0



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Trying to write after seizures is like

                           d  o  g         
             b  i  s  c  u  i  t  s

as torrential rains

p  o   u   r

d  o   w  n

It is like your mind is being throttled by a hair ball that blows all thought
and your throat is engorged, trying desperately to cough it up.

It is like everything you touch is white and cotton
and you can't differentiate what could be what

It is all just        



Everything and nothing all at once.

It is shifting between a profound sense of deja vu,
     and a sense of dissociation : you are here and you are not here.

Time moves slow and fast, with your body relaxed
        and senses inflamed.

The words you want to connect to flutter by and refuse your touch,
            while the words you can reach are garbled and twisted, making nonsense in every sentence you create.

And oddly enough, the only way to push past the frenzied ramblings of an electric mind
is to reach deep and pull out that hairball of emotion and terror
Release the pain that initiates the total shutdown of your conscious mind
and free your spirit from the blockages that threaten to destroy everything.

To do that, you must write.

Even if every word is garbage.
After Seizures
Me trying to break through the jumbled, charred mes of my mind. I hope it makes sense.

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They say it takes courage,
Courage to step forward while being knocked back,
Courage to speak when being silence
To spit blood out and scream for a moment of fairness – justice.

They say it takes courage,
To ignore the searing words of hatred
To deny the bullies their fun by seeming like stone
It takes courage, some say, to be kind amongst violence.

But how many see the courage,
In merely having a shower
When every step tries to paralyze your limbs
And capture your mind?
Few understand the courage in going to work
As if you hadn’t spent all night battling intrusive thoughts
Screams resonating through nerve fibres, repeating
“You need to die” or “There’s no point trying, you’re not worth it”

People only see the one battle lost,
Not the million conquered by the shaky courage of a mind besieged,
The warrior who fights the greatest enemy,
Their own brain.
A Mind Besieged
A flash piece to clear the pipes after a particularly rough patch of seizures. The prompt is "Courage" given to me by bellaruska .

Btw not currently suicidal (I don't think so anyway) but this fell out.
Welcome back everyone to another great Flash Lit February! I am your host, Sammy, and it's about to get awesome up in here. Here to help me are gifs from an obscure BBC called Cuckoo which stars an actor we should all recognise: Andy Samberg. It's quirky and it's weird, but utterly fabulous.

What is Flash Lit February?

Flash Lit February, for those who are new to Prose-ject or just hiding under a rock this past year, is a challenge using prompts. 

I create a prompt chart for each week of February and your task is to find at least one that inspires you, and write.

Write you say? What are the parameters?


You have 15 minutes to write whatever the hell you like. Write a story, a poem, a bit piece, an article - whatever. This is a prose group so we'd prefer you'd stick to prose, but seriously, we just want you writing. We care.




No seriously, we do.

So I create a chart with 25 prompts per week. You can opt to do one this whole month (out of the possible 100) or way more than that. You can keep them to yourself or submit. But you want to submit, here is the low down.

What to do and Where to do it

 Choose a prompt from the chart.

Fire chant In Artist's Comments, link back to this journal and said chart, naming which prompt you used.

Fire chant Abide by dA's Submission Guidelines. Don't be gross.

Fire chant Submit to the group Flash Lit February folder directly or note kiwi-damnation or MagicalJoey.

Fire chant Do your best and have a shitload of fun!

Fire chant Flash Lit February runs from now until 12am GMT 1st March 2018  Fire chant 

Are you ready to see what wretched gremlins shall burst forth from your savaged subconsciousnesses and bring beautiful words to life?

Damn right you will! I for one am curious as all get out as to what you will all create this month. 

Prompt Charts! OOO YEAH!

Week 1 (1st - 7th)

FLF 1 2018 by kiwi-damnation

Week 2 (8th - 15th)

FLF 2 2018 by kiwi-damnation

Week 3 (16th - 22nd)

FLF 3 2018 by kiwi-damnation

Week 4 (22nd - 28th)

FLF 4 2018 by kiwi-damnation



Much love to all of you from the whole Prose-ject team. We will update this soon and hope to see your pieces up in the next few days.


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Artist | Literature
Hey guys! I'm Sam a.k.a kiwi-damnation.

I am a massage therapist by day and artist by night. I love to create in many different ways and especially enjoy the incredible world of fixed form poetry. I run a group ProjectDFC devoted to preserving the art of fixed form poetry and bringing you all along for the ride.

Seriously though, I love dA and all it represents and I look forward to reading/gazing upon all of your art. You all amaze me. Thank you for the privilege of sharing this journey with you.

Aaaaand you can find my photography on kiwi-damnation-stock

Adios amigos!


Give me a topic and a fixed form that you would like and I will create something specially for you.
Give me your favourite colours or a shape or an idea you would like and I will do my best to create it for you.


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