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So I decided to swap one kind of workaholism for another and changed up my work schedule so I could pursue a few projects this year.

:squee: I am writing the first book of an epic fantasy series. Here is a little piece
The One of the ThreeThe meadows lie in peaceful sleep
As willows watch and softly weep,
The birds asleep in nests don't cheep
As dawn approaches; slowly creeps.
The land is ancient; tales oft told,
Of glory-hounds - the ever bold,
But in the end, their bones lie cold,
Young men who never aged - grew old.
The rivalries, the jealous wars,
Which promised all that we deplore,
Just because they all adored,
The riches at another's door.
Robbed of solace, hearth and peace,
The haunted now seek swift release,
Their apathy - a dark disease,
Friends and homeland all deceased.
In days the age of magic left,
As greed and anger's sudden theft
Brought forth a time of life bereft,
The years of hope: a gaping cleft.
One day with her, the light will claim,
This world of darkness, fear and shame,
And make it not what it became,
Cleansed in water, earth and flame.
For she with locks of dark and fair,
Empowers all to be aware,
Though she can rip and she can tear,
And leave you broken, barren - bare.
But only she of bloodline

:squee: Also compiling a list of poems that I want to publish in a collection. If anyone has any favourites, please let me know :).

:squee: Still running ProjectDFC with varying levels of success.

:squee: Started a facebook page for my writing. Please like it!…

:squee: Found/reclaimed my photography/stock account: kiwi-damnation-stock . Check it out guys! 

:love: I love Dorkmaestro. I am going to marry this woman.
Fiesta Tiem by IrrevocableFate Fiesta Tiem by IrrevocableFate Fiesta Tiem by IrrevocableFate

February Form Fiesta 2014 has begun and hopefully those of you who worked hard over December at DFC have managed to recharge your poetic batteries. I know I have, thank God. DFC was difficult last year, no?

Anyway, moving right along to the topic at hand - FFF or February Form Fiesta is a contest featuring five forms. You can write one poem, two poems, three, four or five, but you can’t enter more than one piece per form. Fair?

All entrants must note ProjectDFC with their pieces if they wish to be counted. This contest runs for the entire length of February and as such it begins on February 1st 12am GMT and ends March 1st 12am GMT.

All good so far? Good! The five forms I have chosen for FFF 2014 are:

:bulletblue: 1. Specular

A form of poetry developed by Julia Copus, the specular is a form of mirror poetry where the second half is a complete opposite or mirror of the first half.

I love you
My heart is all yours
Angel of my daydreams

Angel of my daydreams
My heart is all yours
I love you

:bulletblue: 2. Ballade

A French form featuring 3 stanzas of seven or eight lines and a concluding  four line envoi that repeats the last four rhymes of the previous stanza. It uses no more than three rhymes with an identical refrain after each.

The structure is as follows:

a-b-a-b-b-c-b-C  |  a-b-a-b-b-c-b-C |  a-b-a-b-b-c-b-C |  b-c-b-C.

CW: The Ballade by nejicanspin (English example)

CW: The BalladeBill Kaulitz
You are so amazing up there on stage
You dance about without a single care
You lose all the feelings of hate and rage
So many are lost in your intense stare
Many know you best for your amazing hair
You just ignore their overreacting
Haters to the left, oh so many dare
You are just simply, very amazing
You have captured and stolen my own heart
It is like you are made for the spotlight
You're a sculpture, a awesome masterpiece
Wishing to have you with all of my might
I am happy your dream has taken flight
I know this is something you were wanting
You never cease to rise to a new height
You are just simply, very amazing
Whenever I see you I start to smile
There is no one that is better than you
I dream of being near just for a while
I watch and admire all that you do
My undying love that I wish you knew
You are loving and always so caring
I think now my confessions are due
You are just simply, very amazing
So from here on out I

La Ballade des Jours Solitaires by Hellessen (French example)

La Ballade des Jours SolitairesBelle à cette heure triste qui t'absente
Seul devenu me perds dans mon ennui
Me fait douleur de ne t'avoir présente
L'amour manquant semble une maladie
L'heure sans étreinte dure une vie
Doigts à l'agonie sans ta main tenir
Ne t'ayant plus voient leur couleur ternir
Me sens en enfer perdant mon âme
Pleuvent cendres, font le monde mourir
Au crépuscule t'étreindrai, ma dame
J'aime cette douce qu'est mon amante
Près de moi la désire chaque nuit
Loin te voilà, si belle et insouciante
Pourquoi m'aimer et être alors partie
Durant le jour vois le temps ralenti
De ton regard ne pas pouvoir sentir
J'ai peur qu'on ne me remarque mourir
J'entretiendrai en silence ma flamme
Me dois tant d'y croire que de le dire
Au crépuscule t'étreindrai, ma dame
De te vouloir enfin être présente
Savourant à pleines dents notre vie
Te pleure chaque jour et m'impatiente
Notre amour est comme si interdit

:bulletblue:   3. Balassi Stanza

A Hungarian form created by renaissance lyricist Balint Balassi featuring 9 line stanzas with the rhyme scheme a-a-b-c-c-b-d-d-b and syllabic count 6-6-7-6-6-7-6-6-7.

A great example is Brumbies in the Rain by theneva

Brumbies in the RainOut of the mists you came
Somewhere in time, no name,
But the wind from some place
Where gallah's cry to say
Here we are, come what may,
From which we try to race
Away from harm and pain
To brighter days and gain
The right to live with grace.

:bulletblue: 4. Paradelle

The paradelle is a very difficult format to master. It features the repetition of lines and then the restructuring of those lines to create new lines. It is a 6-line, 4 stanza poem using the structure outlined below.

A, A, B, B, Jumble of AB, Jumble of AB | C, C, D, D, Jumble of CD, Jumble of CD | E, E, F, F, Jumble of EF, Jumble of EF | Six line stanza with every line from A, B, C, D, E and F

Painful Paradelle by kiwi-damnation

Painful ParadelleLife is a battle, a war to be won,
Life is a battle, a war to be won,
And yet it is frivolous, joyful and fun,
And yet it is frivolous, joyful and fun,
Life is a battle and yet it is fun,
A frivolous, joyful war to be won.
Love is a gamble, a risk that you take,
Love is a gamble, a risk that you take,
It's also a life choice that each of us make,
It's also a life choice that each of us make,
A choice, a gamble, a risk that you take,
Love is a life that each of us make.
Pain is a constant that all of us feel,
Pain is a constant that all of us feel,
It brings us a depth, making us real,
It brings us a depth, making us real,
Pain is a depth that all of us feel,
It brings us a constant, making us real.
A frivolous gamble, a risk that you take,
Love is a depth, a choice that you make,
Pain brings a constant, making us real,
Life is a war that each of us feel,
And yet it is frivolous, joyful and fun,
It is also a battle that is to be won.

:bulletblue: 5. Stefanile Triadic Sonnet

The Stefanile triadic sonnet is a variation of the Shakespearean form created by American writer Felix Stefanile. As it was adapted from Shakespearean sonnets, it is written in iambic pentameter. It features two triads or tercets and an octave in the middle.

 The structure is as follows:
a,b,a | b,c,c,d,b,b,d,e | f,e,f

Universal Stefanile by kiwi-damnation

Universal StefanileWhere lies the bridge between love and hate?
That murky world of emotions and thoughts,
The space we avoid but often create.
In a desperate minefield of treasures you sought,
Ensnared in ideas of who we should be,
Dancing to music on two broken feet,
Breaching each boundary enforced on our lives,
To escape hatred conditioned and taught,
Clearing the anger from battles once fought,
So we can rejoice and not merely survive,
Be one with a Universe vibrant and strong.
Respecting each other and breathing in peace,
Releasing ideas of what’s foreign and wrong,
One day we’ll all see depravity cease.

Fiesta Tiem by IrrevocableFate Fiesta Tiem by IrrevocableFate Fiesta Tiem by IrrevocableFate
I... I just... wow. I was named Daily Lit Deviant of January 16th 2014.…

Thank you so much to Nichrysalis for this incredible honour. I have no words, no words at all. Wow.

Another thing guys, is that FFF is coming up. Tomorrow I shall be getting it all sorted and ready to go. Who's in?

:heart: I love you all, but especially Dorkmaestro

Peace out.
Hey guys :) Praise be to any of you who completed DFC 2013. It hit me hard last year and with work and life commitments, I was really crawling to the finish line :). But I made it :squee: :la:

A couple of announcements for this beautiful New Year.

:bulletpurple: I am looking to publish a couple of collections of my poetry and I welcome suggestions :). One will be a regular collection, the second a DFC collection. I would also like to, if you guys are happy to, look at putting together a DFC collection of your work. Let me know guys.

:bulletpurple: Looking to finish my novel in this new year :).

:bulletpurple: I love Dorkmaestro

That is all :)

Look toward February for FFF!

Love Sammy
It's a kiwi. I wear a Kiwi now.  Kiwis are cool. by Dorkmaestro Dorkmaestro made me a kiwi with the 11th Doctor's Fez. I love her so much :squee:

It’s that time of year again… DFC! Who’s ready to tackle the December Form Challenge for 2013?

This year follows the same format as last year with visual prompts to give you a bit more to play with.

:bulletblue: Please check out The DFC Form Chart 2013.   All of the days are outlined with forms and prompts and explanations for each.

DFC 2013 Form Chart by kiwi-damnation

:bulletblue: If you can’t access the pdf, please don’t hesitate to note me (kiwi-damnation) with your email address and I will send a word version to you.

:bulletblue: All entries (that we know about) will be getting collected and placed into our designated DFC 2013 folder so that you can all peruse each other’s work. If you want your work included, you can either submit it to this folder or note us and we will do it for you. Submitting to featured will get you nowhere, it shall be rejected.

:bulletblue: We also still have a chat room set up for DFC, so if you want to hop in and chat with other participants, feel free.

:bulletblue: Please link to this journal or the one on ProjectDFC and mention what form you are doing in your artist's comments.

:bulletblue: DFC will be running from 12.00am Dec 1st 2013 until 12.00am Jan 1st 2014 GMT.

The visual art featured in this year's DFC are:

Fire Within the Ice by Alterren ARS REGIA drawing on paper by masiani
Vision at the Lake by chvacher Chaos by babylon6
Orchid and Bee by tatasz Ilona's blue umbrella by JigokuNeko

Thank you to all the incredible artists featured and to all the writers whose work I used to compile examples. You are all amazing.

Thank you and lots of love,

:heart: Kiwi.
I run ProjectDFC and usually have things running every month. This, right here, right now, is me saying that I honestly cannot be fucked. I cannot be fucked putting on challenges for barely anyone to do, and spending time invested in those who don't care. I feel used, battered and bruised.

There's DFC that I host, and I will be making that up this year but I think for now, I am going to be in this state. Because to be quite frank, I am so sick of being the only one who tries, the only one who cares and the only one who has the fucking maturity to stand up and be counted. Why, in so many of life's situations, do I have to be the bigger person? Why do I have to be the mender? Why is it my thoughts or feelings that get dismissed and disregarded? I don't want to do this anymore. I don't want to deal yet I'm chained because I care and I care way too much. I love and I love too much. I fall and I will fall so far. And for what? I don't even know anymore.

So this is my message of CBF. If you need something and we're not close friends, go somewhere else. My capacity has been reached and I will be burying my head in my work, NaNo, the few friends that actually give a shit, and trying to keep my head above water.


Send a Sonnet September Stamp by IrrevocableFate  Send a Sonnet September Stamp by IrrevocableFate  Send a Sonnet September Stamp by IrrevocableFate  Send a Sonnet September Stamp by IrrevocableFate

Send a Sonnet September is an idea I have been thinking about for a while. Why do we have to have days like Valentine's Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving (for you 'Mericans) where we save our celebrations for the people that we care about and not just give them love every day? Why do we need a certain day or occasion to say that you love someone? I don't get it and I feel that this challenge can help to bridge that thinking. So here we go.

Send a Sonnet September is a form challenge that focuses on other people. You get to choose a style of sonnet and send it/direct it towards someone that you like/care about/love/admire or just someone that you believe deserves some love.

The rules are simple.

:bulletred: Choose a sonnet and note us with your deviation.
:bulletred: Make sure that you link this journal in your artist's comments and also mention the person you are directing it to and the sonnet type.
:bulletred: Have a wonderful time creating for the pure joy of giving.

Shakespearean Sonnet

The style created by William Shakespeare, this is the most commonly written and known of all sonnet styles. It features 3 quatrains and a couplet with the rhyme scheme abab/cdcd/efef/gg respectively. This is done in iambic pentameter.

Sonnet: Angels ForgetMoonbeam silhouettes fall across the ground
as the wind begins its lone lullaby
and handfuls of leaves scatter all around
while beneath the clouds, she begins to cry.
She crawls on her knees, skin scraped and red-raw
with branches and bugs caught up in her hair;
high overhead, a crow lets loose a caw
and she wishes her protection was there.
She has blood on her hands, tears in her eyes,
and an ache in her chest she can't heal,
and she screams at the sky, "I'm sick of your lies!
I want to find the safety I can feel."

But as her tears fall, she knows she was wrong;
sometimes, even angels forget to hold on.

Spenserian Sonnet

This sonnet was created and named after the English poet Edmund Spenser. It features 14 lines also but the rhyme scheme is different. It is ababbcbccdcdee or abab/bcbc/cdcd/ee. This form strictly adheres to the use of iambic pentameter.

Sonnet 1I never did think the sun that shone bright
would set so soon over that distant land;
he was once there showering me with light
and always lent to me a helping hand.
My riant, dreamless life now turned to sand,
I ne’er thought there could be some other way
I would be able to forever band
with another man in a distant day.
Yet I know this as not truth ‘cause I say
my eyes have been turned towards the cold sky,
where the sun did travel every day,
and they now behold a desired tie;
feast your eyes upon the beautiful moon
whose cool radiance is a lovely boon.

Petrarchan Sonnet

This is commonly known as the Italian sonnet and it employs a similar structural technique as the sedoka does in Japanese poetry in that it has two separate parts: A problem or proposition and a resolution or answer. The first half or octave is two quatrains with the rhyme scheme abab/abab and the resolution is a sestet or two tercets  which can be cde/cde or cdc/cdc or even cdc/dcd. This one is strictly iambic pentameter.

sonnet confessionalnear four decades past, when i was a boy,
i began to hear muse's siren song.
though into the word sea i plunged head-long,
strange fish swam there which i strove to avoid;
fam'lies and orders of classical styles,
each rigid and gaunt in its carapace,
offered challenges i refused to face.
shut of them, i blazed my trail through the wild.
my grim refusals have mellowed with time,
though about writing i am still manic.
when both meter and rhyme are drawn in fine,
the process for me is still galvanic;
even when the structure is crystalline,
to me poetry remains organic.

Send a Sonnet September Stamp by IrrevocableFate  Send a Sonnet September Stamp by IrrevocableFate  Send a Sonnet September Stamp by IrrevocableFate  Send a Sonnet September Stamp by IrrevocableFate

Beautiful stamp made by the a beautiful soul: IrrevocableFate
So ThatOneGirl369 asked me to post stuff.

So say 'Randomness 1'  if you want me to say...

1. What I primarily think of you as
2. The two colors that come to mind when I think of you
3. A song that reminds me of you
4. The last thing I did related to you in some way
5. What I tend to call you and say about you when I talk about
you to people in RL
6. An animal I think fits you
7. Something I've been wanting to tell you
8. To go repost this on your profile

And say 'Randomness 2' if you want me to...

1. Tell you something i learned about by looking at your DA page for 13 seconds.
2. Tell you a color you remind me of.
3. Tell you my first memory of you.
4. Tell you what movie, tv, or video game character you remind me of.
5. Ask you a question, and you must answer.
6. Tell you something I like about you.
7. Give you a nickname.
8. Tell you the object that is to the left of me.
9. Dare you to post this in your journal.
ARA is the next in a set of challenges we have created for the year. It features the forms that repeat sentences or 'refrains'.

Refrains bring a sense of continuity and balance to a piece. They can also be a royal pain in the ass. There are a few forms that feature this technique, but this month we will only focus on five.

1. Villanelle
2. Pantoum
3. The Lai Nouveau
4. Triolet
5. Cascade

:bulletblue: Villanelle

The villanelle is a well known torture device in most poetic circles. It originated in France and features 5 stanzas of three lines and 1 stanza of four lines (envoi). The meter is usually either pentameter or tetrameter, a strict rhyming scheme and refrains.

The structure is as follows: A1,b, A2 | a, b, A1| a, b, A2 | a, b, A1| a, b, A2 | a, b, A1, a2.


last day of DFC - villanelleyour eyes may see double, but mine see thrice
your combined sight causes all this trouble
touch your forehead, hope your third eye's enticed.
your fingers waltz on the table like mice
my sight on your hand, my mind like a pebble
your eyes may see double, but mine see thrice
travelling through the mundane, it's suffice
to say any mind you had is reduced to rubble
touch your forehead, hope your third eye's enticed
sometimes you wonder if you're smarter than dice
you gamble, walk through the alleys and stumble
your eyes may see double, but mine see thrice
"the best way to live is beneath a guise"
you seemed not to notice my breath tremble
touch your forehead, hope your third eye's enticed
you'll get yourself killed someday, it would be nice
to say "I told you so" when you fail and fumble.
your eyes may see double, but mine see thrice
touch your forehead, hope your third eye's enticed

:bulletblue: Pantoum

The pantoum is another French form. It features quatrains and refrains. It has to have more than one stanza and it wraps itself up nicely as a form. A three stanza pantoum scheme would be this:

A,B,C,D | B,E,D,F | E,A,F,C.


DFC 04 I.P.A.S.O.Y. PantoumA world ends on wings of her breath
She whispers in my ear insanity
So things once true turn out stale
Leaving me paralysed-hypno-enticed
She whispers in my ear insanity
And I'm wishing it all away
Leaving me paralysed-hypno-enticed
Eyes like sparkles iced dew smiles
And I'm wishing it all away
Like a blood washed hurricane
Eyes like sparkles iced dew smiles
Whorling sleet mud and flesh
Like a blood washed hurricane
So things once true turn out stale
Whorling sleet mud and flesh
A world ends on wings of her breath

:bulletblue: The Lai Nouveau

The Lai Nouveau is a cross between a Villanelle and a Lai, being that there is a rhyme and meter to it as well as refrains. You can have 2 or more stanzas with each stanza being eight lines long.

The syllabic count per stanza is 5,5,2,5,5,2,5,5. The scheme is as follows: A1A2baabaab | aabaabaA1 | aabaabaA2 | aabaabA2A1.


Welcome, Sweet Helen -DFC Day 18Welcome to heaven.
Welcome, sweet Helen.
Ripe hate
Lingers here. Lessen
Your soul's oppression.
Ponder and question
Your bloody beckon.
Dead at eleven.
Dying since seven.
Your own procession.
This is transgression,
Your souls Recession.
Welcome to heaven.

:bulletblue: Triolet

The triolet is another fun French form. It is an eight line poem or stanza that follows a strict rhyme scheme and meter and also has refrains. The scheme is as follows: A, B, a, A, a, b, A, B.


Spread Love
Let’s spread love everywhere we go
To every city and every town
Let’s not forget the ones we know
Let’s spread love everywhere we go
Yes let us make it so
Let’s leave no town sitting with a frown
Let’s spread love everywhere we go
To every city and every town

:bulletblue: Cascade

The cascade was created by Udit Bhatia and follows a simple format. It has no rhyme structure however it instead uses refrains to give it a waterfall, cascading effect. Each line of the first stanza becomes the last line of the successive stanzas. The more lines you have per stanza, the more stanzas you need to complete the poem.  

The scheme for a terzain cascade (three line stanzas) is: ABC | deA | fgB | hiC.


WunderbarJust once she wanted to try something new
She forgot to be faithful, tried and true
And now she sinks, bloody into the ocean blue
I watched her with her husband all day
In and out, the same thing again and again
Just once she wanted to try something new
I told her a place where dreams and fantasies take form
And she went and filled her mind with wondrous excitement
She forgot to be faithful, tried and true
Her husband found out when she went out one night
I watched him wait, and when she returned his rage came forth
And now she sinks, bloody into the ocean blue.


:bulletpurple: This challenge will run from today until September 1st 12am GMT

:bulletpurple: Please link back to this journal and state which form you have chosen to do in your artist's comments.

:bulletpurple: Note us with any piece so we can collect them in the Another Refrain August folder.

:bulletpurple: Have fun and push yourself.

Rondeaus in juillet

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 2, 2013, 5:10 PM

Rondeaus in juillet is our latest challenge. Juillet is the French word for July and as such we have chosen a French form to highlight and celebrate this month. There are a few variations of the Rondeau and we are going to focus on three of them.

:rose: The Rondeau is a three stanza poem consisting of three main restrictions: refrains, rhyme and meter. You can use either iambic tetrameter or pentameter. The stanzas are specific length (5lines – 4 lines – 6lines) and follow the structure below.

line 1 - A (normally the first phrase is the refrain)
line 2 - a
line 3 - b
line 4 - b

line 5 - a
line 6 - a
line 7 - a
line 8 - b
line 9 - A

line 10 - a
line 11 - a
line 12 - b
line 13 - b
line 14 - a
line 15 - A

Deadly Dance by tigerpusen05

Deadly DanceWe spin around, our circles flow
And in the sky the small stars glow
We dance a deadly dance, we two
My body melting into you
You wish to take me down below
It feels so very long ago
Before you turned into a foe
Do you recall how the wind blew?
We spin around
My back is arched just like a bow
You hold me close, not letting go
I pray you feel enough to rue
You stole me from the heavens blue
We spin around

:rose: The Rondelet is the second variation of the rondeau. It is a small 7 line, 1 stanza poem which comprises of rhymes, meter, refrains and a combination of 4 syllable and 8 syllable lines.  Again the meter can be terameter or pentameter.

line 1 - 4 syllables - A
line 2 - 8 syllables - b
line 3 - 4 syllables - A
line 4 - 8 syllables - a
line 5 - 8 syllables - b
line 6 - 8 syllables - b
line 7 - 4 syllables – A

dfc 12-11: rondelet  by deinktvis

dfc 12-11: rondeletsix-sided dice,
with friends, pencils, paper and books;
six-sided dice
act as fates fell, fickle device.
be ye warrior, mage, or crook
what describes the actions ye took?
six-sided dice.

:rose: The Rondeau Redoublé is a more recent creation and it features two 4 lines repeated, rhyme and meter. It is a 25 line poem with four 4-line stanzas and one 5-line stanza.

line 1 - A1
line 2 - B1
line 3 - A2
line 4 – B2

line 5 - b
line 6 - a
line 7 - b
line 8 – A1

line 9 - a
line 10 - b
line 11 - a
line 12 – B1

line 13 - b
line 14 - a
line 15 – b
line 16 – A2

line 17 – a
line 18 – b
line 19 - a
line 20 - B2

line 21- b
line 22 - a
line 23 - b
line 24 - a
line 25 – A1 (first part of sentence)

DFC Day 30 – Undeterred by Bluezbreakr

DFC Day 30 - UndeterredLove was always such a fickle word,
Dowsed with asinine and aimless pap,
Spoken very often; rarely heard,
Prone to disappear with lightest snap.
Broke she on the last time she recapped
All the suffering that I'd incurred.
Said she as she rose up from my lap,
"Love was always such a fickle word."
Scribbled notes I sent her, for to stir
Sentiments from old romantic scraps.
Called she all my letters nigh absurd,
Dowsed with asinine and aimless pap.
Crossed we several times in social traps,
Thought me my excuses I'd reword.
Sat she, though, beside some mousy chap,
Spoken very often; rarely heard.
All my seeking after her was spurred
When she from his fleshy arms unwrapped.
Though she faded off to scenes unheard,
Prone to disappear with lightest snap.
Nearing me, my strained shoulders she tapped,
Ardor for my passions undeterred.
Tired of her old, insipid sap,
Faintly in my cold ear she whispered:
"Love was always such a fickle word."

  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: Stronger - Kelly Clarkson
  • Reading: Awesome poetry
  • Watching: Life kicking ass :D
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June 1st is a pivotal day for me with my group ProjectDFC starting to transition from May Mixup Madness (MMM) to Jubilant Japanese June (JJJ), our newest in a series of challenges and contests set up to make you cry and laugh with both frustration and excitement!


Jubilant Japanese June is essentially a celebration of the beauty of Japanese poetry and all that it brings us. There are many forms created and cherished by the Japanese culture and I believe that we should explore them all. This month. RIGHT NOW :O.

There are three challenges this June.

The first is merely to complete at least one of the following forms:

:bulletpurple: :peace: Choka

A choka literally means 'long poem' and features alternating syllabic lines of 5 and 7 where the last two lines are both 7. The minimum amount of lines is seven and this form allows for infinite amounts of lines. The minimum (7 lines) sequence is: 5 - 7 - 5 - 7 - 5 - 7 - 7

Example Choka by kiwi-damnation

Her breath, a soft breeze,
A spirit of peace, tranquil,
Still and silently,
A small touch enveloping,
The world of closets
Fears amassed thus dissipate
Revealing worlds - her domain.

:bulletpurple: :peace: Dodoitsu

The Dodoitsu is a folk song form and it is primarily about love or humour. It features 4 lines of 7,7,7,5 syllables respectively.

DFC Day 6 Dodoitsu by MaiSala

Music softens hardened hearts;
emotions run swiftly through
the soul, uplifted by joy
and deepest sorrow.

:bulletpurple: :peace: Haiku

A haiku is a Japanese style of poetry that has 3 lines with syllabic counts 5, 7,5 and are usually seasonal or about nature.

Below is an example about winter.

"> White Winter by Deathscythe1991

Ice smothers the earth,
purifying the landscape,
white flakes of the sky.

:bulletpurple: :peace: Sedoka

The Sedoka centres around the idea of Questions and Answers. The syllabic count is that of haiku (5,7,5) and there are 6 lines, 3 in each stanza. The content can be of any theme but one must question or mention something in the first, and then either contradict or answer in the second. It's all about leaving you guessing and making people think.

The Medal by kiwi-damnation

What is a struggle?
But an old tarnished medal,
Of times that are past.

Yet though they have passed,
Who would you be without them?
Life would mean nothing

:bulletpurple: :peace: Senryu

This form is quite similar to the haiku. The main difference is thesubject matter. A senryu is written about human nature and the human world in general whereas haikus refer to nature and are completely removed from the human experience. Classically, the senryu features 3 lines of 5,7,5 syllables respectively.

"> Pathetique by Parsat

love's third movement plays
memories in c minor
Pathétique romance

:bulletpurple: :peace: Tanka

The tanka is a form meaning 'short poem' and it is made up of five lines with the syllabic count 5-7-5-7-7. They are usually written with great emotional depth.

"> DFC: The Dance by Lacklusterious

The lovers entombed
Waltz over the earthbound stars
There shines most graceful
The absence of warmth one finds
In the land of the living.

:bulletblue: The second challenge is a Mondo challenge. This is separate as the Mondo, whilst similar to the Sedoka, has to be written by two different authors. It features 2 stanzas of katuata (5,7,5) with the first asking a question and the second answering it. Pick a partner and create!

Example (Nichrysalis and TwilightPoetess)

'When are dandelions in
focus if not on
the blur of the wind?

When the sunlight—breaking free—
falls on the dandelions
growing around your heart'.

(taken from ">this journal )

:bulletgreen: The third challenge  of Jubilant Japanese June is a dA-wide Renga challenge . I will gather a list of people who would like to participate and we each write a small piece of one large continuous Japanese poem.

The renga means 'linked poem' and it comprises of little links written by different authors. It features alternating syllabic line counts of 5-7-5 (hokku) and 7-7. The 3-line stanza is an idea to be explored and the 2-line stanza succeeding starts a new thought but is somewhat linked to the stanza before it.

It is an amazing journey of writing and I think it would bring a lot of joy to us all to at least create a 20 stanza renga. If more people want to join in, I will open it up to being larger. Please note ProjectDFC if you want to participate.

1. kiwi-damnation
2. Lacklusterious
3. MadPrinceFeanor
4. reflectionsinwater
5. neurotype
6. silvernium
7. ThomasInTheClouds
8. Parsat
9. ninquetari
10. YalMoon
11. Selimeia
12. TwilightPoetess
13. Sammur-amat
14. MysticKenji
15. MagicalJoey
16. therootcellar
17. DrippingWords
18. TheDorsai
19. LaBruyere
20. parchmentgirl
21. bloodawni

:bulletpink: JJJ runs from June 1st 12am GMT to July 1st 12am GMT.

:bulletpink: We request that you do send us a note of any entries you create so that we can put them in our super special folder :D. That way, you can be part of a group creating rather than a solo artist.  

:bulletpink: Submit your part of the renga (once it begins) by note to ProjectDFC. It will be placed in this journal as it progresses.

:bulletpink: With the Mondo challenge, both authors please submit it as a piece to our folder for equal and fair credit.

There are no prizes, just a fun little challenge to complete. I hope you get on board because there is nothing like working with a form to both inspire and incense you.


Will you lie with me?
Clasp my hand; let bitterness                          kiwi-damnation
die with yesterday

While our skin catches the sun,                        Lacklusterious
I am caught within your eyes.

Like the butterfly
trapped within a net, I lie                                MadPrinceFeanor
tangled in your hair

a Van Gogh rolling meadow,                             reflectionsinwater
Radiantly swirling my heart.

darkness creeps into
the edges of your brushstrokes,                       neurotype
clumps of stars go out

you tell me stories of time,                               silvernium
a re-birth of each moment.

Now moonlight glistens
atop you. Honeycombed words                        ThomasInTheClouds
drip from your soft lips.

The inkwell's deep. Down we plunge                 Parsat
Through viscous charcoal secrets

Time is measured by
silence between destructive,                            ninquetari
sacred memories

Out of them we fall in white,
Star-tunes written on our souls                         YalMoon

Up in the night sky
Sweet melody memories                                Selimeia
That keep us alive

Constellations lighting up                                TwilightPoetess
like beacons leading to you

Andromeda's tears
pour into your heart-shaped palms                  Sammur-amat
and the oil-slicked streets

The Heavens may weep but we,                      MysticKenji
releasing these tears, are free

Freedom is costly;
Hearts pay the toll to Charon,                        MagicalJoey
crossing Styx on tears.

You are Eurydice, but                                      DrippingWords
I, the viper, struck too fast.

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*dA has glitched with my journal and sent me back in time :O *

MMM 2009 Contest Stamp by MistRaven MMM 2009 Contest Stamp by MistRaven MMM 2009 Contest Stamp by MistRaven

Hey guys! I'm sorry for having been so utterly unreliable of late. I hope you have had a wonderful 2013 and that you're all feeling fired up to try something a bit different. I don't know if many of you remember when I ran a challenge called May Mixup Madness a few years ago but we are repeating it this May because, well, we all need to kickstart those creative engines and create something entirely unique.



May Mixup Madness follows a similar structure to the cento poetic form in that you choose ONE musician or poet and use lines from various pieces of theirs. You can't use more than one line from each piece so if you're creating an 8 line, 2 stanza poem, you will need 8 different songs or poems to draw from. Once you have your musician/band/poet and your chosen lines, all you have to do is stitch them together to create something new and amazing!

Choose it, Find it, Stitch it!

1.Choose ONE poet/musician.
2.Find ONE line per piece of their work from as many pieces as you like.
3.Stitch it together!


:bulletblue: Please note us with your pieces so we can collect them in this folder.
:bulletblue: In your artist's comments, please link this blog and mention the artist you used and the songs/pieces in order.
:bulletblue: If you would like to enter the contest to potentially win a sub, you can only enter ONE piece. Choose your favourite one and note us with this entry and we will include it to be judged. All of your entries can be entered into the folder though.
:bulletblue: Have an incredible time creating something totally different.


Twenty-FiveYou’re something that never should have happened.
Didn’t we meet in the night in my sleep somewhere?
When you sleep and you dream and there’s no-one there,
You don’t wanna know what’s running through my mind…
No more Mr. Nice Guy!
And I know trouble is brewin’ out there,
Your own private pain.
My sins cut deeper than the teeth on a saw
(Don’t tell your preacher) –
I’m so scared your little head will come off in my hands:
Your kingdom’s like your body; it dies and goes to hell.
I’ve got a never-ending battle inside
And I’m trapped inside a night without a day.
(sometimes, I just… can’t… die…)
But we’ll make it through our blackest hour
In a bad place alone;
You’ll still be waiting in refrigerator heaven,
Always chewing nails; it never, ever fails,
But it’s just a joke now.
I kiss the tears off from your chest,
So dead upon the bed, still searching for your head
And your carnival of
Trapped in the MemoryI want to be in another place,
It doesn't matter how hard I try,
I don't know what's worth fighting for,
It's all too much to take in,
My walls are closing in.
Sometimes I need to remember just to breathe…
Something has been taken from deep inside of me,
I can't feel the way I did before,
It’s like nothing I can do can distract me,
The darkness holding me tightly,
All I ever think about is this.
There's no escape…
Life’s harder everyday,
Feel it in your chest,
Making your heart stop,
I can not explain to you anything I say or do,
All I've got is what you didn't take.
You wouldn't even recognize me anymore…
I'm strong on the surface,
And now you think this person really is me,
Uphill struggle, blood, sweat and tears,
Replaced freedom with fear,
I've become so numb, I can't feel you there.
I cannot take this anymore…
It's like a whirlwind inside of my head,
The pace is too fast,
The sacrifice of hiding in a lie,
I want to run away, never say good bye,

:new: PRIZES :new:

1st: One Year Sub
2nd: 6 Month Sub
3rd: 3 Month Sub

This challenge runs from May 1st 12am GMT to June 1st GMT.  I look forward to seeing your entries.

So consult your iPods or your poetry collections and find your muse. It's about to get awesome up in here.

MMM 2009 Contest Stamp by MistRaven MMM 2009 Contest Stamp by MistRaven MMM 2009 Contest Stamp by MistRaven

[ I know that this stamp says 2009 but who cares? MistRaven is the shiznit ]
The December Form Challenge is a challenge in which you can really go nuts! 31 different fixed poetry styles- one for each day of December. There are some I had never even heard of before! Its a chance to really expand your craft. I am a writer, a poet foremost and for all those out there that appreciate poetry this is for you.

It is truly a thrill I find to spend ages on a piece and masterfully craft it into something exquisite. Fixed form allows that.You get the chance to hone and push your words within a confined structure and watch as it magically works for you. I absolutely love it.

This challenge started as something I wanted to do to keep myself entertained and help to expand my knowledge in poetry but I had such a response to it, I have had to open doors for everyone else. So ladies and gentlemen, Welcome to The December Form Challenge!

Ba Ba Baaa...

I have a list, of 31 different forms in alphabetical order. I have supplied a quick link to explanations and tutorials of each style so you can easily follow the steps to figure your way around each style.
Please enjoy!

1. Abcedarian…
2. Ballad…
3. Cinq-Cinquain…
4. Clerihew…
5. Diamonte…
6. Dodoitsu…
7. Dorsimbra…;
8. Epistle…
9. Haiku…
10. Kyrielle…
11. Lento
12. Lilibonnelle…
13. Limerick…
14. Ode (Pindaric Ode)…
15. Nonet…
16. Pantoum…
17. Parallelismus Membrorum…
18. Pleiades…
19. Quatern…
20. Rondeau…
21. Rondelet…
22. Senryu…
23. Sestina…
24. Sonnet…
25. Tanka…
26. Tetractys…
27. Terza Rima…
28. Triolet…
29. Tritina…
30. Tyburn…
31. Villanelle…

Please have a go at it. You only live once right?

Sam over and out.

All Features Taken, Please Take A Look!

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All that plagiarism stuff behind me, just looking forward to th3krimzon1 and Sue's baby girl Taylor and lots of awesome stuff set to happen soon!

So my bday features have come to an end. I hope everyone enjoys the work I posted up :D I have 6 requests that I have to work on, but if anyone else would like me to do anything I would be glad to oblige. I love the restraints of a requests and the joy at doing it right. It's up to you guys, but if you like note me. I have no life, I'm always here :glomp:

:thumb101699321: :thumb102175736: :thumb102260716:

:thumb98669266: :thumb98731635: :thumb100494566:

A death WishA note in a bottle,
a glass bottle,
like a kiss of death,
a death wish.
The dust spins,
around the note,
the note in the bottle,
the glass bottle.
Never to be opened,
sealed with a kiss,
she was kissed by death,
a death wish.
Notes are added,
to the bottle,
the hidden truth,
behind her smile.
She owns the notes,
notes in the bottle,
the glass bottle,
behind her smile.
A note in a bottle,
a glass bottle,
like a kiss of death,
a death wish.
Never to be opened,
sealed with a kiss,
she was kissed by death,
a death wish.
She hides her bottle
away from the world,
never to be opened,
sealed with a kiss.
She takes her bottle,
smashes it down,
the poisen escapes,
escapes her lips.
No more bottle,
no more wish.
HumanityDreams are bottled,
repeated, rare.
What is a wish?
But a self-righteous prayer.
As we are free,
like the polluted air,
our bodies remain mortal,
though our souls don't tear.
As beliefs fade,
we slowly join,
our money may trade,
but our strength is of coin.
We go to lengths,
to win the hour.
For it is the strength,
that brings out our power.
DesolationYoung child all that I see,
is the tears that moisten your eyes.
Strings that hold you prisoner,
your feet and arms, bow tied.
Anger, wrath builds upon,
the desolate child you are.
God forsaken for eternity,
cursed to not get far.
Disorder holds a remedy,
the cure to all happiness.
Desolations strings,
the curse to never trust.
Fill my soul with poison,
through the dusty kiss of death.
Solitary calls me,
it is my time to rest.


Skysteed by Agaave 5000 by Agaave :thumb97893022:

MurderGlitter of a blade,
Piercing of a scream,
Splatter of red blood
As it runs into a stream.
Footsteps in the darkness,
Heavy breath from behind,
Rush away to escape,
As was first designed.
Ignore the plaguing nightmares
Ignore the taunting voice
Ignore the niggling doubts
That you didn't make the right choice.
Though death do you face,
Do not ever turn aside,
'Tis as destiny has planned,
That in hell may you reside.
LovingA slip of a word,
A touch of a hand,
A breath on my neck,
A romp in the sand.
Lips pressed to mine,
A hand upon my back,
Sweet whispered nothings,
A romp in a shack.
Bodies pressed together,
Fingers dug into my hips,
A burning of passion,
As together press our lips.
The Searching Of Secrets PlotJudgement got restless and so to his right hand appeared Justice. Justice knew that peace would not be kept without Truth and so the divinity Truth was created. As Truth became intelligent she knew that truthfulness would not be spoken without Kindness and so she whisked into existence the form that was Kindness. Kindness soon came to the realisation that being kind had to take a turn when disease came. For would not Death be better then to live a life of suffering? Without further though she blotted out the light that was the sun and created Death and so the beginning of the end occurred. For now that Death walks the land, he will do all in his power to eliminate Kindness by using hate against her, to destroy Truth by lying to her, to disintegrate Justice by slaughtering without thought and to bring Judgement to his knees by preventing judgment to come to those who slay men.

angels and demons‘Death.

…I can feel death. I can see death.’

Empty streets giving way to nothing but the sound of her running, the clinking of metal sounded, echoing into the night. Her eyes wide…focused…
‘I can sense him…
…Flesh. So many bodies!!’

Her muscles ached, her breathing grew more and more rapid but she kept going. She knew she didn’t have time to stop. She could feel him…so close.

…I can taste death. I can smell death.’

He looked down into the street from where he sat, perched on top of a building with the full moon at his back. Not moving. Just listening.
‘I can hear someone…
…The air is rank with the smell…
…It’s ebbing away. So many bodies!!’

He moved from his station, faster than any mortal eye could detect. Running down walls he navigated his way from street to street
I'm good with puzzles by Em-j-akahana Rose by Em-j-akahana

It’s all gray outside the window
And all gray inside me, too.
All color sucked from the world
From my mind
I see the world trough a veil
A veil of tears
No, I’m not depressed.
I’m just sad.
No, I don’t want to go shopping now.
I just want to sit here
Look out the window
And dwell in my sadness.
This bittersweet sadness,
This slightly burning loss.
Right now I just don’t care
I just wanna watch the fog passing by.
I wanna wait for the first ray of sun
Breaking through the clouds
Making the leaves burst into color
Scattering diamonds over my window.
I wanna wait for this hint
Of live and light and warmth
Returning to this
Autumn sky
I need to see this promises of summer
Before the winter comes.
ms4 - Sweet Tormentress by alisette The last QuestionScarlet drops drip on the marble
As I cry upon your grave
Your angel stairs in endless silence
Unable to give the answer I crave
I scream my question to the night
But no one seems to listen
Why don't you answer to my cries
Why can't you tell me the reason why?

:thumb100226134: :thumb100549167: :thumb100373424:

JokerJoker’s game
A fulfillment of discontentment and fairy tale promises
Calling on the moon to sleep
Happy unhopefuls
Knowing their day is ending and that their day is never to release fragrant whispers
Subject to the obscene
An animal both intense and insecure
Just listen
Porker of jealousy
A slutty confidence over whelming to others
Broken inside by the committed slip of the tongue
Polished justification
Probability beyond the perspiration you put in into it
I am Switzerland
Peaceful innocent of wondrous adventures and dreams
Yet never to fulfill them or follow through with either
Freak on a leashFreak out to a scrounging tune
Pumping blood and full moon
As talk obliged from those who swoom
Awaiting an expected doom
But no, we're here
No end is near
Galloping serenly
A heart bleeds me
Fool whispers
Her lispers
Amongst a cooling wind
Amid a pale draft
Yield the imaginary lane
Leads to no where
No place, no care
Why go there?
Because it's all the same
No-thing to name or blame or tame...
You, a chaotic cringe of a being
Step up.
Step up and say you love me
Step up and say you care
As I merge through your blank stare
Never there
Never there....
What am I?I am the sadness that evokes ones cries
I am the malice behind ones lies
I am the happiness that one comes to greet
I make you feel like dirt beneath your feet
I create illusions both far and wide
I am the calmness from watching the tide
I am the envy, triggered by whom I hold dear
I am not the freefall, but I am the fear
I am the nervous butterflies, fluttering through your chest
I am the dread you have before a test
I am the excitement of a new found friend
Yet I'm the regret when it comes to an end
I am love and I am devotion
Happy or sad I'm your emotion
And whether you like it or not, you're put to the test
But don't feel so bad. You're just like the rest.

Mr. Tiger by Wicked-Illusion Like a Steel by Wicked-Illusion The Brothers by Wicked-Illusion


A Light at the EndMy destiny is to walk in darkness,
Illuminate I must for everyone,
For the world is filled with great emptyness,
I shall not stop 'til my duty is done.
I will admit I am a little scared,
Who wouldn't be in my situation,
But my will is so strong it can't be barred,
This is my wish and my resolution.
I must be frugal and very cautious,
With hope, faith, love as my companions,
I will stand up to that which is heinous,
Even if their forces are in millions.
This road I travel on will have pitfalls,
But there's a light at the end for us all.
Candy Girls by Pristine1281 My LifeThis is my duty and my time,
At times I don't even know why,
I just know I have to try,
I will do my best with all my might.
Bring on what my come,
I can feel my heart and it's rhythym,
I can feel the world's crying hymn,
Change is coming in the wind.
There is still light in this dark,
And I know this is the start,
Of something where I will leave my mark,
I am scared, but I believe I'll make it with all my heart.
I know I am not alone, but at times I know I will be,
Not many have seen what I've seen,
Will I be able to do what is creed,
And save those who don't believe?
One thing I do know,
Is that I have faith in this world,
And in myself to reep what has been sown,
As I step into the bleek unknown.

:thumb101991145: :thumb102010969: :thumb103094285:

Daddy's Touch by VioletPixi In Memory Of...Come back my love, from up above.
It's you I want to see.
Come back my love, from up above.
Come back my love, to me.
Every day when I awake, I want you by my side.
I long for you to hold me near, So many nights I've cried.
I want you to come back my love.
From that place you've gone above.
I long to see your face again.
I want to hold your hand.
I need to ease the pain I have,
So come back from that place so grand.
Come back my love, from up above.
You didn't say goodbye.
Come back my love, from up above.
Why did you have to die?
A Path To Nowhere by VioletPixi

good mornin by HippieVan57 San Tropez by HippieVan57 lookout mountain by HippieVan57

.self. by Azula15 :thumb66434760: .age. by Azula15

:thumb71842950: :thumb92692559: :thumb100022548:

ButterflySpread your wings
and learn to fly,
it is never too late
to learn before you die.
Looking Through The Jungle by Jazzman1989 Romeo and JulietDear Juliet, I stare down at thee,
I wonder why this must be.
I take this vile poison in one sip,
But there is one last thing I desire, your lips.
I kiss the warm lips and feel you stir,
My senses are unsure and leave such a blur.
You awaken as I begin to drink my last drink,
And in this moment I was brought to the brink.
I lay down and you ask me why,
But I can’t say anything because I’m so shy.
I close my eyes and you begin to cry,
I open them again and say I’m sorry.
We lay there for hours, till our parents arrive,
And they see us together and alive.
Words seem to escape everyone,
So lets just leave them be and say done.
We are together forever,
And not the star-crossed lovers.
Tis not the day, with which we died,
But the one with which Shakespeare lied.
Here stand we together,
Not dead, but forever.

Questions need AnswersWhat's the reason I exist?
Is it all just meaningless?
If I died would children weep?
Would people have trouble with thier sleep?
Am I different?
Am I the same?
Or is it that I'm just too plain?
I have a heart?
That's big and true?
But why does it feel so black and blue?
Hate the sun?
That's not right!
Is that why I'm pale and white?
Why is it that the society
feel the need to laugh at me?
Wath the suffering of a child
Battle it out in the wild.
If people push,
I will shove.
In the end, I will wait for you,
I will talk, but not from above.
Poem by Lessen-the-life Medieval MurderWe live in the land of living and dying,
Unkown, uncared for by others.
We have suffered through hell, and we are crying,
Our families, torn apart, losingout mothers and brothers.
We hurt,
We flee,
For our very own lives,
You dont care nor come for us,
You dont
You wont
We call out for you,
Our golden saviour.
We long for you, we miss you too.
Forgive me, forgive us, forgive our reched behaviour.
We hurt,
We flee,
For our very own lives,
You dont care nor come for us,
You dont
You wont
Hold your breath, cover your eyes,
Keep away from the evil.
Hold you screams and say your goodbyes.
Dont cower or snivel,
Now say hello to hell.
We hurt,
We flee,
For our very own lives,
You dont care nor come for us,
You dont
You wont


My 10,000 views requests are at an end. I hope to post more little links to these over the next week or two. Hope you enjoy these pieces :iconhuggleplz:

1.CSnyder: Something he will like.…
2.TheKrimzonDemon: Honesty.…
3.classic-poet: Blind.…
4.lilmoongoddess: Sunshine
5.BloodshotInk: Her
6.Anfalas: Something…
7.silent-tiger-shadow: Fire
8.fairycatcher-Jessica: Something with olde English…
9.Renegade-Angel23 "The Crimson drop of blood stains the black rose"…
10.AquaEvilSoilder: Water


Also, I support :iconfairycatcher-jessica:. She's having a competition on the elements and I encourage anyone to help with providing prizes or entering as this is an awesome idea for a contest. Good luck to everyone. Her journal can be found here fairycatcher-jessica.deviantar….


I give permission to any of the clubs below to post the work I submit to them.

:icondaparanormalsociety: :icondaunderworld: :iconwings-of-fantasy: :icondasorganization: :icondanightmares: :iconfun4fun: :icondragonnation: :iconinnerpsychy: :iconwriteaway: :iconthe-fantasy-club: :iconenchantedforest: :iconfantasy-fellowship: :iconaselclub: :iconroomofangels: :iconelves: :iconthemermaidsclub: :iconthestoryguild: :iconda-spy: :iconinked-page: :iconthe-literati: :icongenesisclub:
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WOW 9000 pageviews and an awesome gift from sweetangel1 TO Kiwidamnation by sweetangel1. She asked to do a manip of a photo I have here on dA and it looks AWESOME! Speaking of gifts, I should really pop up all the ones I have received from my amazing mates her on dA.

:thumb99307136: Kiwi by Abbey-Kristy
The Accursed by silent-tiger-shadow The Accursed by silent-tiger-shadow
:thumb98136388: Friendship Realm by PulseofExistence
For Kiwi-Damnation by 12of8 For Kiwi-Damnation by 12of8
Floating Point Division - Zero by Progress-Regress Floating Point Division - Zero by Progress-Regress For Kiwi-Damnation by Progress-Regress For Kiwi-Damnation by Progress-Regress.

Thanks guys for such wonderful gifts.

On the agenda, :icongrimagix: caught the 9000th kiriban so I'm writing him a piece of his choosing, while :iconkingaoran: became my 200th watcher and requested a long-lost love poem. I'll get right on those.
:iconirrevocablefate: dedicated a piece to me and two other people also, so she's also getting a piece. Now to kick the brain in gear :D

It's feature time! Thought I should do some considering I have this awesome sub and all. :P

Visual Masterpieces </u>

Cave by titiavanbeugen Enchantress by RavenxCorpse Tales of Atlantis by iKink Princess Of Darkness by jadenlynne Little Siren by iKink :thumb99550298: :thumb99572625: All The Colors by 12of8 arrow master by JenaDellaGrottaglia Dragged Down By The Stone by Progress-Regress apocalypse please by NicoleWKonigs jungle by tobiee How I Feel by Rickbw1 For Kiwi-Damnation by Progress-Regress :thumb99636610: Glory by tonycade All the things they said .. by Deeevilish Cover Me by 12of8 Believe by Zindy :thumb98915322: :thumb99036414: Frustration by 12of8 First Light by novakovsky Galaxy Eater - Frac 29 by MDK-fractal :thumb99525897: The Leaving Day by jaydigital Cold Feeling by lowapproach for Ganbat by Ketka Cancer by Pygar Out of Ones Mind by jodipheonix The eye of the Storm.... by Villenueve Landscape 3 by anastasiyacemetery :thumb99011224: swan lake. by betwyxt Vertical Fanakish by artywakeel Facade Reality by DusterAmaranth For Kiwi-Damnation by Progress-Regress :thumb66135284: Leopard Profile Tutorial 7 by HouseofChabrier Let's Party by LizWymark Storm Coming by TrollGirl Futuristic Eye by jodipheonix Fossaria by Alegion Spiral Rainbow by 12of8 The Chaotic Mind - Frac 27 by MDK-fractal :thumb99343228: Fireworx - Fractal 03 by MDK-fractal Curve by zardo Fractal 04 by MDK-fractal Fractal 11 by MDK-fractal :thumb99359442: Charlize - Under One Moon by Cataclysm-X :thumb99442759: damage . resubmission by Evanescent-Designs Crow-Witch-Ayame by InertiaK For Kiwi-Damnation by 12of8 :thumb99290926: Jack - Until death greets me.. by Cataclysm-X :thumb99248608: CasperCloseup by SierraLeNoir Dragons by nell-fallcard Sabertooth by Anima-en-Fuga I am free? by goor Golden Rock by titiavanbeugen :thumb99016916: Don't Dream It's Over by arian-1991

Literary Genius </u>


Internal Riot.The chaos consumes me
I close my eyes to find solace
But everything is too loud
Screaming in my ears
Like traffic on a freeway
It's all coming too fast.
There is silence
I gather my thoughts quickly
Searching for an escape route
But I am hopelessly trapped.
Looking at myself
And all my mistakes
I am still so damaged
Lost in the confusion
Not knowing where to turn
Losing sight of who I am.
I'm so terrified.
:thumb99452637: pain killerFlaming god of eyes
leaking rings of torture
beat the nail, miss
though fun it is
The beginning of the end
for if they shall die
they should die happy
Vibrant statistics
of what kills the pain
she wonders over
Wrapped in fantasy
I can see clearly
torchure, torchure
Flaming through it all
I feel the prosperity
don't take it away
I want you gone
why aren't you leaving?
Like no other woman before
She won't go away
she sits so delicately
kissing my mind
Take off her clothes
breath through her soul
don't take her away,
Why won't she go?
Concrete ShoesSorry,
I didn't mean to wake you.
Its just,
Every night and every day,
Is the same,
With you.
So each night I'm
Biting down,
On my tongue.
Hoping I'll choke,
Hoping I'll get away from you.
I always stop myself,
Don't worry too much.
Its just,
After the second year,
We knew,
It wouldn't work.
Twenty-five years on,
I'm still here with you.
I know I'll never find another,
So here I am,
In grim desperation,
With you.
Now we're trying to make memories,
In the far away lands,
That you promised so long ago.
I think,
I preferred the dream,
The yearning,
Telling you off,
Because it wasn't real.
I don't remember,
The last time we touched.
Cringing when,
Your hand might touch mine.
Where did it all go wrong,
Why must this torment drag on,
And on.
There could be another,
Thirty, Forty years left.
All the while I'm saying,
I made,
The right choice.
Then I think back,
To people I lost before you,
I'm thinking,
How much better if I had one of them,
Instead of you.
I have my regrets,
Mostly yo
:thumb99415259: :thumb99287625: RevelationsRevelations
The angels sway, the demons sing;
'The time has come, to do away',
and all the blessings, melt away,
leaving us defenseless, only to pray.
The sinners weep, the saints praise;
'Glory is He, on the highest',
and all look to Him, his image clear,
a beacon of Hope, in the Tribulation days.
The Keepers release, and the Taints draw blades;
'The time has come, and we have work to do',
and the war begins, the slaughter ensues,
the Beasts arise, and the world falls.
The Churches save, the Cults damn;
'With He you live, but Lucifer grants death',
the sinners choose, Salvation or Damnation,
to live in a life of bliss, or to die away from this Hell.
He ends the war, the Sin is purged;
'The New Jerusalem has come, may we live in peace',
the followers live on, the sinners die away,
all the ones of the darkness, fade away until the end.
A Dragon's A Dragon
A dragon’s a dragon
A horse’s a horse.
What one is, the other cannot be
What they will be will never be the same.
The future is set not on a distant road
But each step one takes is another fold
Into fate’s book of destiny,
Of which ours is empty.
In this page, She writes
Love the dragon—love with all your heart
But know that he will never come to you;
He will never be for you.
He shan’t lend his wings
To that girl who wishes but cannot fly
In fear and inability,
Being that beautiful steed thundering down the hill.
Both are free,
Free as the rising sun and setting moon
The love of freedom, of flight, of unending dreams
Shall remain true always.
Concluding the story, She writes
A dragon will always be a dragon,
What one is, the other cannot be,
And so separated is their destiny.
Haiku 1My heart turns to dust
Wings unused have atrophied
Soul empty again.
VoidThe chilly wind beats down upon me,
The persistent rain continues to fall,
like icicles being absorbed into my skin
The arid desert air fills my lungs
The steady stare of the sun follows my every move
Faintly reminding me...
Why have I forgotten about you?
On my quest to find you,
To see you one last time,
I was swept away.
I was swept away,
By nature’s beauty…
By a desire for discovery,
To see sights both known
And unknown to me
I was swept away…
Inspired to travel,
Inspired to journey to exotic landmarks
To satisfy my longing,
To fill my heart’s void
In doing this,
I was satisfied momentarily,
But I must confess,
I still miss you.
Sweetly-Spoken Liesclever are the words of the devil.
with forked tongue, he whispers in your ear
singing sweetly-spoken lies
feeding them to you like poison laced with sugar.
he knows not what he speaks of.
vile demons,
who would wound a heart and prick a soul
who would devour all who stood in their way.
they seek you next, the devil's latest conquest.
assassinating one to steal the other.
with dagger in hand, the murder begins.
sweetly-spoken lies, whispered in your ear.
what is the death of one to devour the other?
you think you see an angel clothed in white.
when the acid in his veins will eat away
your innocence, stealing from you a gift.
a cherished possession.
he seeks your soul
and hides the truth with smoke and mirrors.
with sweetly-spoken lies he lures you in.
and with sweetly-spoken lies the day will come
when you are the one he murders
to lure the next one coming in your train.
and when those tears shed
resemble the tears of the other
the blood spilled will pool and join the dead.
the devil b
Broken CoupleBroken down and lost inside
You wouldn’t believe the tears I’ve cried
So lost, alone, and confused
Sick and tired of being hurt
Now I just sit and cry
It’s so hard to say goodbye
To the feelings that I have for you
And the relationship we share
I only wish that you could see
What you really mean to me
I’d give anything in this world
Just to make you understand
I’d do anything to be with you
Give up everything it’s true
I love you with my heart and soul
This reality is killing me
I wanna fall over and die
Because on us you will not try
How can you just let us go?
Without even giving us a try?
Love is a work in progress
The effort is not worthless
It’s never been perfected
I just wish that you would realize that
TruthIt's a mystery
why I ever caught your attention
I never thought myself as beautiful
as remarkable, as amazing
and yet you tell me everyday
I am
So long a time
I believed something so different
ridiculed by many
shunned by the rest
But now that I have you
it is so much different
my head once again held high
showing who I really am
It doesn't matter what others think
not anymore
Your words are all I need
your touch is all I feel
My smile is only for you
Because when you tell me
I'm beautiful
I believe you
as I hope you believe me
when I say the same
Because it is the truth
At least in my opinion
I bide my time and wait for night
From high atop Bald Mountain’s peak,
Awakening a nightmare fright…
Unfolding wings not meant for flight,
My shadow finds the souls I seek…
I bide my time and wait for night.
I pull them from their lifeless plight,
(Against my will their own is meek),
Awakening a nightmare fright.
They writhe and dance to my delight,
My music each unholy shriek.
I bide my time and wait for night.
Then into hell their bones I smite,
And resurrect as demon freak-
Awakening a nightmare fright.
but when the morning dawn breaks bright,
I’m forced to cede, crippled and weak,
to bide my time and wait for night,
Awakening a nightmare fright…
Deadly AdvancesInotxicating:
A poison that runs
through my veins
and pricks
each cell within me;
scorching heat that
seems to melt
skin from bone.
While pale moonlight
the darkened sunlight
the ebony venom
poured effortlessly
into my lungs--
a hollow mechanism.
Tick, tick, tick.
Fragrant airs
swallowed deadly marbles
You watched
as violently,
I drowned in
molten rivers and
frozen fountains.
WarningPlease heed my words
as they’re of the utmost concern
about the lack of respect
that you have for her.
She is breathing ever so faintly
because of cruelty you caused,
so please leave her and I alone
before you deal that deadly blow.
Please come back towards the light
and back in the warmth of a hug,
for you are safe once more
till you let it happen again.
:thumb98638204: Shape ShiftersDecipher the language we speak
as we morph into humans form
unrest spirits awakening
spasming eyes of storm
Unseen to the humans eyes
metamorphic beings await
transforming into saints
we play their lives in stake
Resurrect ancient Magick
to stop the malicious thoughts
to kill the beast inside you
and the messiah he haunts
Dependant on a savior
to stop the screams and cries
an ancient mythology
of beings that you despise
We are every where you look
invisible to the untamed eyes
feeding on angelic souls
fishing for innocent cries
You can not see us
and many are debating
the non believers will soon see
there is more than one satin.
Hello AloneHello alone,
have you come to stay?
Will I wake tomorrow,
with you, as today?
I'm running faster,
than I knew I could,
I'm crying harder,
than I ever thought I would,
I'm screaming louder,
just to be heard,
but now I'm hanging,
on your every word.
Hello alone,
have to come to stay?
Will I wake tomorrow,
with you, as today?
I'm hiding from it,
but you're everywhere I look,
in years gone past,
you were every breath I took,
I'm falling down hard,
you don't reach to pick me up,
I'm drowning in the ocean,
spilled from your coffee cup.
Hello alone,
have you come to stay?
Will I wake tomorrow,
with you, as today?
They're fighting you off,
you should know you can't win,
start packing your things,
I'm washing you from my skin,
don't cry to me now,
you deserve all you get,
goodbye alone,
I won't live with your regret.
InsanityDeath on silent wings,
A foolhardy scream,
In a decayed mind your blood sings
A rememberence of a forgotten dream.
Life of a mermaidForced deep below,
In a place so unseen.
A place thats so quiet,
That it must be a dream.
The bubbles float up,
As I'm pushed further down.
My fear comes to life,
I'm not ready to drown.
My lungs start to burn,
And I struggle for air.
Just a little bit further,
It doesn't seem fair.
Everythings cold.
And my sights gone all blurry.
I've gone so limp.
I hope they would hurry.
I lay in the water,
Sinking down below.
Everythings alright now.
I've lost to my foe.
They can't find my body,
When I'm not there.
It doesn't matter though,
They don't seem to care.
I'll lure the unkind,
To the depths of the sea.
Give them teh fate,
That happended to me.
Once I am done here,
And their life starts to fade.
I'll leave them in the water.
It's the life of a mermaid.
A PortraitThe lack of hope was founded
when I turned my back, again
I closed my eyes and wondered
if chance was worth the shot.
RubbleThoughts slicing through my mind
Precise as a razor
Carving my ego and my heart
Watching as blood spills
Fingers felt around my neck
Tightening their grip
Choking off my life
Pain washing over
Like a dash of cold water
Soaking the pieces of me
In the end
I'm just a pile of rubble
To be swept up
Tossed away.
Sacrificial Perceptiondeath before mercy
pain before glory
make the earth thirst
prove to us his story
a perceptual incision
among the throws of religion
dishonor is fashion
the most immediate distraction
our science is virtue
exploited and putrid
our disillusioned thoughts
are such silent persuasions
to the distorted behaviours
and subtle invasions
Freak on a leashFreak out to a scrounging tune
Pumping blood and full moon
As talk obliged from those who swoom
Awaiting an expected doom
But no, we're here
No end is near
Galloping serenly
A heart bleeds me
Fool whispers
Her lispers
Amongst a cooling wind
Amid a pale draft
Yield the imaginary lane
Leads to no where
No place, no care
Why go there?
Because it's all the same
No-thing to name or blame or tame...
You, a chaotic cringe of a being
Step up.
Step up and say you love me
Step up and say you care
As I merge through your blank stare
Never there
Never there....
:thumb98169330: CrystalineLike crystal water draining through my fingers,
The only way to capture you is to cage you with my hands.
You're unreachable,
Love, shattering like crystal ice.
Too easy to break,
Too rare to find.
Yet here the ocean is.
Here, my hopes lay:
In a small raindrop which hits the sea.
Lost to the wave which consumes it.
I wanted to keep you forever.
I wanted to cherish and tell you everything.
I lost to my fear of the storm.
Defeat pulls me to my knees.
A wave of regret and fear incapacitates me.
Slowly I sink.
As I hit the ocean's floor
I'm just another person
In the sea of bodies.
Unable to breathe,
A tear slips down my face.
And it was there you were.
Inside of me.
Little droplet of crystal,
Escaping back to the sea.
Little GirlI saw the car hit her.
I knew she was dead.
I stood there and watched,
The blood pour from her head.
Why'd this happen?
Why'd this happen to me?
Why did she die,
When i was just three?
Daddy said sorry,
Couldn't love anymore,
He said that, then left.
Left staight for the door.
I didn't know yet,
Why my friends acted wierd.
Why they avoided me.
Why they always peered.
I moved to my nana's.
She gave me sweet candy.
One day she was gone.
Another one left me...
I felt so alone.
Just another mouth to feed.
A garden full of flowers,
There's me, the weed.
Left on the road,
Just like all the trash.
Just in the way.
Something to bash.
But lifes all good now.
I'm a mummy myself.
I have two kids,
And a daddy as well.
I'll always love them.
i will never leave.
I'll watch them grow up.
Whats best, they love me.
:thumb97284228: :thumb97671911: :thumb97282424: Paper CrownPaper Crown
lives in a faraway dream –
can you spare us a glance?
wishes for consistency,
but she won’t lift a hand.
See how the world spins around her throne:
gems of unlimited price…
she managed this far all on her own;
love is a poor sacrifice.
lives like an oiled machine;
it all falls into place.
would anyone ever cry
when a smile is your face.
Here in a realm where life fits so well,
why do the peasants complain?
These castle walls enclose and repel
each thing disrupting her reign.
Crying her tears of saline,
don't you feel anything?
emotions so horribly vague,
all except for the rage.
Isn’t it easy to live this way,
basking in love and renown?
How will you work if it ends someday,
when all the walls will come down…
and you lose your paper crown?
What is it?From a blood red ruby
It will hatch
To spread across the world
Considered good
But is it really?
Wings are black
Hatred pure
Swarming after you
Unknown of its true potential
It will come
And it will kill
All for the likes of you
You believe its good at heart
But its bloody through and through
Its tough, I know
I really do
But you know its after you
Its claws are blades
Its teeth are ragged
And fresh blood
Fill its eyes
No-one can stop each Known future
To perish at their feet
They will come
And they will eat
Each passing minute
Each passing hour
They hunt you down
And they will find you
They will rip
The life from your fleshy prison
Just to set you free
These monsters
These horrors
Their what you pray for
What you think you need
Their you golden saviour
Your  Golden Angel
I’m sitting in the frozen heart of darkness
Waiting for the light to find me here
I won’t ever surrender to the shadows
Even if I’ll never leave this place
My hope is all what feeds me
And trust alone is keeping me alive
But drawing breath is getting harder
With suffocating blackness covering me
Eternal night is gathering around me
Closing in with every blink
Nightly horrors are crawling up my skin
And start to seep in trough my eyes
The icecold poison fills my veins
Freezing me to the pitchblack ground
The first dark drop does reach my heart
The moment sun approches me
The thin, thin rays caress my limbs
Melt the icecrystals on my skin
And chase the night behind the horizon
But salvation came too late
The whispering shadow had touched my soul
And it will stay for the rest of my life
So that even in the brightest sunshine
The cold dark will creep through me.


Vanity -Or Lack Thereof-“You’re beautiful, sweetheart.” He laughed as he lifted my chin. “Of course… beauty is only skin deep. You’re a horrible person; you know that most of all. Don’t you?” My response was blocked by cold steel. My trembling affected my ability to speak, so I didn’t. He continued his monologue. “What a terrible person… To think that my child carries your DNA!” He cackled, and his Adam’s apple bobbed. I watched it morbidly. “Your daughter shared your vanity. She left, and she didn’t even sign the divorce papers! Legally, I’m stuck with her. I can’t even remarry to my beloved Sadie!”
He pulled on the loose skin on my face. “Your beauty’s fading! What are you doing to do now? You old hag! How dare you raise my wife to be such a vain bitch? I’ve had nothing but trouble because of you!” The steel on my throat left, and I heard a clang as it fell to the floor. It was replaced with bony ha
Getting readyThe reflected image stares back; half-lidded eyes looking its body up and down, but always focusing more attention on the face, than any other part. Hair falls down over half of one brown eye, and a hand is brought up, brushing it to the side, tucking it behind an ear. His mouth is pursed, drawn in a line untill the corners of his mouth jerk upwards, the soft flesh jagged, crooked. The scars that tear across his cheeks form his mouth into a smile. An eternal grin that makes people look away. They fear him. Even if he was to go out without the war-paint, they would tremble where they stood - they would stop if they saw him - before throwing their arms in the air, shrieking, and running in the opposite direction. Drastic, over-the-top; to throw your hands in the air like in the movies, but people who are afraid will do anything.
But the war-paint is always on. Or as far as people know it always is. He takes it off before he goes to sleep, if he goes to sleep, only to start
Lady of the SkiesThe wind blows furiously across the land, howling a blood-curdling tune into the hearts of all. Midnight strikes the weary from their sleep as darkness engulfs the land, night becomes the foul, new day. But, like a morning star she will rise from the forest and take back her land and rescue her people. She will be our savior.
Master Túrien's words to her mother rang inside her head, closing upon it like a predator to prey. She would not let them down; she would overcome the evil that washed upon the continent. Her heart quivered as she found the power within herself--the power to shape-shift and with all her might she called upon it.
Night into day. Day into night.
A dark emerald glow radiated from her pearlescent skin, bathing the room with an eldritch light. Time halted to a screeching stop as the soft luminosity surrounding her transformed quickly into blinding white. Glimmers of white and verdure swirled around her in a misty formation. A sudden flash of light il
The MazeHow does one silence the breath which tugs at the conscious mind, still the barriers of time to twist colours, voices tearing asunder thin veils in the dark.
To separate and isolate the side is to invite agony, but to admit defeat is to give in to torture. Either way ends by itself, collapsing into an unbreakable maze where one is always running but never safe.
Prevention is better than the cure but only hindsight is ever 20-20. To search for a solution is to understand the question, but if one lacks knowledge, one must ascertain where to begin without the foresight of where one may go. Guidance is a tool to be accepted or refused; it is not always infallible. It can be wrongly misplaced. The inabilities for one to explain what races through deserts under dark skies and others not seeing what lies beyond the reach of the sunset, are the cause.
Fierce wars engage constantly in the Maze, tearing apart seams and pressing thorn to flesh. They are unpreventable, yet on a daily base one is f
:thumb82000819: :thumb96160984: :thumb97968079: No nameIntro
Her eyes are staring blankly up into the sky. The wind is blowing gently against her limp body. A girl around the age of nine is laying on top of her, crying and screaming uncontrollably. A little boy not much older than the girl steps forward, his face covered in tears. He grabs her hand pulling her up, embracing her in his arms.
'She wouldnt wan't you to cry... she did this all for us, lets go, their waiting.'
Chapter 1
'COME BACK HERE THIEF!' a fruit seller hollars. A young girl dressed in a thin blouse and worn shorts, not older than 15 sprints down the allyway with a bagfull of apples out into the crouded streets of Masin. Normally, she would follow her rout that leads straight to her hideout, but a small stone caught her eye. It was barely the size of a pebble, it was a red stone with a few small spikes protruding from it.
She didnt know what it was, all she knew was that she wanted it. She calmly walked over to the stall, still aware there were guards after her. The
I Cut: Chapter 1 &quot;Grief&quot;     The annually expected pre-autumn chill drifted down from looming gray clouds that morning, drenching the suburban Colorado town in an overbearing melancholy. It was felt decidedly by adults as the drove, drowsy and cold to their respective day jobs and errands. It kept children shivering near classroom doors as they were dismissed for their morning recess, cursing the bad weather because their teachers disallowed most games on such days.
     The high school was as calm as was realistically possible at seven o'clock, large, thickly paned windows revealing nothing more than a pale, bleak sky outside as she maneuvered around the few students mingling in the over-wide hallway. Anyone careful enough to observe her would have noticed how she favored her right leg on each step, hesitating slightly before stepping gingerly onward. Beside that, she assumed the typical teenage appearance of jeans and sweatshirt, Converse All-Stars and hair
LinesIt is only when I am elbow deep in the foamy dishwater that I am reminded of how I was never really good at swimming. Through the panelled window I glimpse the lake, the moon duets in both the sky and in the silky reflection. The sink is full of filmy soap and it coats my arms and the bubbles bunch and cling to my skin as I clean plates and saucers.
Father’s voice echoes through the hallway; the baby is crying again. I imagine Madeline's tears curving across cheeks and down the baby fat around her chin. My Father is singing that same bronchial lullaby; the one he’s had since Mother died. Father is singing in a sanded sort of way, as though my mother, when she passed, took a chunk of his tongue.
Footsteps are moving down the hallway and then, Madeline's crying hushes to a stop. But something is wrong.
I scrunch my hands dry and wonder why the air has stiffened around me. I walk towards the hallway and stand in the doorframe; Father is softly humming, his song so shy that it do
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I've been thinking a lot lately and I realised I hadn't really done much for other people recently. So I decided I'd do some features and work on helping others on dA once I get my money sorted. Anyways, in the past while I've been stumbling across some amazing artists. And some very amazing writers also. Writers don't exactly get much attention on dA as any writer would, so I think maybe some writing features???

I'm thinking one every month? For this month, I feature PulseofExistence. She is a very talented writer, and though she has been here a while, she has not received any real recognition for the work she produces. Her pieces grab the attention of all who read and spin you off into different dimensions and ways of thinking. She is a very unique person as well, and in my mind deserves for her work to be read and enjoyed a hell of a lot more.

Here are a few that I picked out of her gallery as my faves :) Enjoy because I sure did.

Embracing The Infinite:… in my mind carries many messages, and for those who dig deeper- surely intrigues. Please read this for Jay leaves many clues in her poetry.

The Secrets In The Sighs:… is heart-wrenchingly beautiful and well mastered. I'm sure that anyone with a heart will feel tears well when they read this, or at least a pang of sadness.

Literature Philosophy Love:… is one of my absolute favourites as it challenges the world today. Find the irks that Jay picks at, it's fecking awesome. Yet again she is an excellent writer, and I consider her a friend. :)


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Holy crap! I am absolutely stunned! In the past 24 hours I have received 85 activities, most of them being faves. I tried to say thank you to everyone at the beginning, but they kept pouring in every second and I have a life outside dA. SO... I decided, Fuck it I'm writing another journal hehe.

Thank you all so much for reading, commenting and faving my work. You all make my day, and I am so supremely thankful for you guys. Just one person liking my work is awesome, let alone the overwhelming response I've had. Wow. You guys rock :horns:

So :heart: to all that I haven't thanked for the generosity they bestowed, and I hope to still please you all with future writings :D :hug:




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First of all it is scary how underappreciated writers are on dA so I just wanted to feature two little poets that rock, and aren't even that old!


This is an adopted sister of mine, who has definitely got a way with words. Natalie rocks so hard and has not been given the credit she deserves, so I hope anyone that watches me can just check out at least one of her works. She's amazing. Here are my five top favourites of her work.

Bloody Mary I summon Thee:…
Questions need Answers:…
Next Week:…
What is it?:…

Those were so hard to pick lol!


This is another adopted sister of mine, who is only 14! Her name is Jess, and she is OMG! She's an amazing poet, and I absolutely love her work! Here are my fave 5, please check them out! It would be so very much appreciated, you won't be disappointed :D

The script: fairycatcher-jessica.deviantar…
Believe: fairycatcher-jessica.deviantar…
Brave Soldier: fairycatcher-jessica.deviantar…
Relandi: fairycatcher-jessica.deviantar…
The enemys are marching: fairycatcher-jessica.deviantar…


:icondaparanormalsociety: :icondaunderworld: :iconwings-of-fantasy: :icondasorganization: :icondanightmares: :iconfun4fun: :icondragonnation: :iconinnerpsychy: :iconwriteaway: :iconthe-fantasy-club: :iconenchantedforest: :iconfantasy-fellowship: :iconaselclub: :iconroomofangels: :iconelves: :iconthemermaidsclub:
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YAY, my mate S-Defenestration made me an avatar. I'm so happy thanks so much mate!

I have no longer got a subscription. It's all cool.

I would love to show you guys some of the amazing artists I have been watching of late, hope you guys approve :D

sweetangel1 Malandante jodipheonix hybridgothica RuthOrtiz Hamsterfly
AmberCrystalElf Alegion DanLuVisiArt
jadenlynne Villenueve ahoberer78

That's all for now, next time it'll be more :D

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the-unnamed21 tagged me :D

Rules of the game:

- Choose a singer/band/group
- Answer using ONLY titles of songs by that singer/band/group
- Tag 6 more people (let them know they've been tagged)

I choose A.F.I cause they rock :D

1. Are you male or female?
Miss Murder

2. Describe yourself.

4. How would you describe your previous relationship?
Fallen Like the Sky

5. Describe your current relationship.
Of Greetings and Goodbyes

6. Where would you want to be now?
Summer Shudder

7. How do you feel about love?
Love Like Winter

8. What's your life like?
Catch a Hot One

9. What would you ask for if you had only one wish?
Kiss and Control

10. Say something wise.
The Devil Loves You

I tag Malandante ; xXxAmikixXx ; ahoberer78 and lastly... Drool-in-terror Hehe