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In a war-torn shell
Exists a special hell
Where one flayed spirit resides.
Her shattered soul stands,
She shall not be damned!
She is wisdom, teacher – guide.
A flashlit prompted by espossess "Quality over quantity". This is a Symbi form. The italic lines are a poem separate from the whole piece.
Dorkmaestro by kiwi-damnation
For my future wife, the love of my life, the incredible and beautiful Dorkmaestro
Cauterise the gaping wound:
A brief but broken love affair,
Charisma causes prey to swoon,
Psychosis slicing, stripping bare
Leaving naught but meat behind,
No thoughts or feelings – emptied mind,
A shallow, vacant, blackened hole
Devoid of substance, spirit – soul.

Now mask the loss of what once was,
No one sees the hollowed space,
So take the fragments and emboss
And let another take its place,
Live behind another’s smile,
Steal their trust and thus beguile
As this is war, and prey shall fall,
They dared to think love conquered all.
Flashlit response to WolvenNight's prompt "Flame".

Google NPD.
A :clap: of acclamation for all of those who participated in DFC last year. The four who completed it fully are tanafeyroyale who is a new member with us, MagicalJoey, Parsat and LaBruyere. Your work was astounding and I'm glad I was able to help you realise these pieces by giving you a platform. Please check out these four artists and their favourite four pieces of DFC at ProjectDFC

Fiesta Tiem by IrrevocableFate Fiesta Tiem by IrrevocableFate Fiesta Tiem by IrrevocableFate

February Form Fiesta has really become a tradition. While DFC has been going since 2008, February Form Fiesta has only existed since 2009. It, with a lot of our other challenges, have become a fixture in this group and I am really excited to introduce the forms which will make up this year's contest.

These forms are:

:bulletred: The Mirror Sestet

The Mirror Sestet was created by Shelley A. Cephas. It comprises of one or more 6-line
stanzas. The guidelines are as follows:

Line 1: First word and last word rhyme.
Line 2: First word = last word of Line 1. Last word = first word of Line 1.
Line 3: First word and last word rhyme.
Line 4: First word = last word of Line 3. Last word = first word of Line 3.
Line 5: First word and last word rhyme.
Line 6: First word = last word of Line 5. Last word = first word of Line 5.

This can also be done without rhyme so ignoring all rhyme on odd numbered lines.

Example: DFC 2014 10: NGC 5195Abide with me where galaxies collide,
collide with mammoth force as stars abide
bright as a pulse of inundating light.
Light that erupts to make the whole sky bright.
Crash and explode, we watch as as they smash;
smash into fractals when you and I crash.
and EucharistRed the wine they shared and blood he shed,
Shed like pieces of my heart stained red,
Living by his grace, his hand forgiving,
Forgiving all the wayward ways I'm living.
Bread and wine as blood and body dead,
Dead to living by my self-won bread.

:bulletred: Rime Royal/ Rhyme Royale

The rhyme royal or rime royale is an old English form popularized
by Geoffrey Chaucer. It features one or more 7-line stanzas, each 10
syllables long. The rhyme scheme is: ababbcc

Examples:   Scale Splotched (DFC 2014)In curling branches, frayed red ribbon blows;
splotchy scales in dark pond slip out of sight.
In night-painted sky, only the moon knows
owls watch, hooting calls--fish in soft light.
Twitching long feathers, they fall one by one;
snatching quick breakfast, owls on the run.
Red ribbon above pond, empty in sun.
and DFC 2014 - 11. Extremist?Silky scents of incense penetrate souls
Who wander hallowed halls in solemn frill,
Figures of silence, of backgrounds untold
Keep vigil in walls where blood has been spilled
As saints smote the sinners defying God’s will,
Their bones float as ashen dusty embrace
So few remember that lives were erased.
The medicines scattered; pyres burned black,
An era of wisdom’s heralded end,
Their armies bore down with vicious attacks,
Pagans debased in immaculate cleanse
Slaughtered by men preaching pacifist’s trends
Traditions held sacred then disappeared
Stolen – transmuted by merchants of fear
History steeped in the crimson soaked frock,
Creating division with shame, blame and guilt
Away from the teachings; dangerous flock
Herded from unions their own leader built
By greed and by blood-lust, splattering hilts
Please don’t forget that their power began
With extremist views and massacred lands.

:bulletred: Symbi

The Symbi is a form that combines Western and Eastern
influences to create an engaging set of messages. It is a sixline
stanza with the syllabic count 5, 5, 7, 5, 5, 7 with the
bolded lines (Lines 1, 3 and 5) being either a haiku, senryu or
katauta. You can write this in italics to emphasise it.

The rhyme scheme is aabccb.

Example:   Contemplating the Futurelaid to final rest
past the foregone crest
never again to draw breath
ever consuming
the future looming
there is a life beyond death
and RegenerationThey are hard to slay
Men of Gallifry
Time Lords able to come back
Twelve times duration
But this his companions lack

:bulletred:   The Inverted Refrain

The inverted refrain is, by no surprise, another invention by Jan Turner. This one features a paradelle like ending to each stanza. There are four 6-line stanzas with no specific meter.
The first four lines of each stanza rhyme like abab and the last two lines summarise the content of the four lines before them and they can be either ab or ba depending on your preference. So it can be ababab or ababba with obviously 3 more stanzas afterwards. The last two lines are tabbed for emphasis.

Examples: Doth Cometh WhenceDoth Cometh Whence
Why doth the vampire feast at night,
When moon is out and stars are up?
From whence cometh his fear of morning light?
Why doth he only in darkness sup?
     Truth be told, he’d get a fright
     And burn in light from yonder blup.
Why doth the vampire speak so strange,
With vowels long and hisses so?
From whence cometh these sounds so deranged
That awakens snakes from hibernation’s glow?
     Truth be told its in the weakening of the age
     That sounds so sinister do go.
Why doth the vampire drink nought but blood,
Why not cola, or cool-aid still?
From when cometh this taste for human mud
And this wont to bend us to their will?
     Truth be told he’d be a vampire dud
     If he no longer felt blood’s chill.
Why doth the vampire look so pale,
So deathly white, not at all peachy pink?
From when cometh his looks within the vale?
and Old WinterWhen comes the old man winter in,
Comports himself like king and crown
There's naught to do but let him win
For bones have no defense deep down
    We might as well just let him win;
    There's no resisting king and crown.
Perhaps the host can bid him sit
Beside the logs in fireplace
Make him comfortable--to wit
Warm him through from foot to face.
    Perhaps he's happy just to sit
    If we warm him foot to face.
Perhaps his frosted hands will rest
And icy breath turn into steam
His head could lay upon his chest
And be enticed mayhap to dream.
    If we could merely bid him rest
    Perhaps his ice will turn to dreams.
And there, maybe, by fire's glow
He'll sleep until the winter's gone
Mild and warm, convinced to go,
And let the spring come early on.
    Oh let him mellow, let him go,
    And usher spring in, early on.

:bulletred:   Pentelloum

The pentelloum was devised by deinktvis and it is a combination of the
villanelle and the pantoum. Any meter or syllabic count is fine, just be consistent
throughout the piece. It features at least two 5-line stanzas with refrains and a strict
rhyme scheme. The first and last lines of the first stanza invert and are used in the last
stanza. The template below is a three stanza template.

A1, B1, A2, B2, A3 | B1, C1, B2, C2, B3 | C1, A3, C2, A1, C3

EveningThe capillary rasp of tongues,
I know nothing but chattering
As warm air trades its place with young;
A shiver starts resurfacing
Within the walls of little lungs.
I know nothing but chattering,
Wintery gust I taste your braid;
A shiver starts resurfacing
As degrees fall in centigrade,
The weaving wind is circling.
Wintery gust I taste your braid
Within the walls of little lungs,
As degrees fall in centigrade
The capillary rasp of tongues
Will end all things that I have said.
and   You EndedYou Ended
The other day I played a ‘game’,
To try and keep you out of mind.
But once again it was the same;
That’s being emotionally blind.
All I have is you in frame.
To try and keep you out of mind,
When I think of you each day,
That’s being emotionally blind
For you will never go away.
If only God would be so kind.
When I think of you each day,
All I have is you in frame,
For you will never go away;
The other day I played a ‘game’
And tried to forget, as is my way.

Fiesta Tiem by IrrevocableFate Fiesta Tiem by IrrevocableFate Fiesta Tiem by IrrevocableFate


:bulletblue: You can only enter one piece into each form. This means you can enter up to 5 pieces.
:bulletblue: The piece(s) must be new, original and in English.
:bulletblue: You must either note this group or kiwi-damnation with your entry for it to be counted.
:bulletblue: All entries must be submitted by March 1st  12.00am GMT.    
:bulletblue: Have fun!

:new: PRIZES :new:

:eager: Each first place winner will receive a   6 month subscription!

:eager: Each second place winner will receive a 3 month subscription!

:eager: Each third place winner will receive 100 points.

If there are not more than 5 entries in a form category, the entrants will each receive 100 points.

Fiesta Tiem by IrrevocableFate Fiesta Tiem by IrrevocableFate Fiesta Tiem by IrrevocableFate


kiwi-damnation has started a donation pool!
830 / 5,000
#ProjectDFC is getting revamped with challenges every month and contests galore. To be truly successful with this endeavour, we need Super Group membership. If any of you could donate some points to this cause, I would be incredibly grateful.

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Self-Condemn Visual Poetry by kiwi-damnation
Give me a topic and a fixed form that you would like and I will create something specially for you.
I Love and Adore You by kiwi-damnation
Wheel of Fortune by kiwi-damnation
Love in Chrysalis by kiwi-damnation
Cockleshells by kiwi-damnation
Give me your favourite colours or a shape or an idea you would like and I will do my best to create it for you.


kiwi-damnation's Profile Picture
Artist | Literature
Hey guys! I'm Sam a.k.a kiwi-damnation.

I am a massage therapist by day and artist by night. I love to create in many different ways and especially enjoy the incredible world of fixed form poetry. I run a group ProjectDFC devoted to preserving the art of fixed form poetry and bringing you all along for the ride.

Seriously though, I love dA and all it represents and I look forward to reading/gazing upon all of your art. You all amaze me. Thank you for the privilege of sharing this journey with you.

Aaaaand you can find my photography on kiwi-damnation-stock

Adios amigos!


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